Install a Vinyl Wrap to Completely Change Your Bikes Appearance

Motorbike wrapping is fast on the increase as riders turn to this advanced way of changing the look of their bikes.

Types of motorcycle wraps

Choose from a vast range of colours and textures, with some absolutely mind blowing designs available. Wrap your bike in any colour you like!

DIY or professional installation?

Altough there are DIY vinyl wrapping kits available, we've seen some terrible results with it and would not recommend the DIY option for wrapping your bike, rather using the services of an approved installer who knows the material and your bike. There is an art and science behind a good wrap, so to get the desired result we'd advise you to use the 3DomWraps quoting and booking system to get 3 free quotes from installers near you.

2009 Bimota DB7 Oronero